WC/EC DN Junior and Ice-Optimist European Cup 2013

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Dear Friends,
Cold weather come to Europe and many places will have a good ice soon...!
Attached you will find Notice of Race for World and European DN-Junior
and Ice-Optimist Championship 2013.
Welcome all young icesailors to Siauliai , Lithuania and hope to have a nice
event there...

Stan. P-111.
Title: Notice of Race. WC/EC DN Junior and Ice-Optimist 2013
World and European DN Junior and Ice-Optimist Championship, European Cup 2013.

1.Organising authority and venue.
The World and European DN Junior and Ice-Optimist Championship 2013 will be organized by Lithuanian DN Fleet in cooperation with major of Siauliai under authority of IDNIYRA-Europe e.V. represented by Junior Program Manager.

The championship regatta will be sailed under jurisdiction of International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association(IDNIYRA).
The primary site is Lake Rekyva , Siauliai, Lithuania . The reserve site are Lithuania , Poland and Estonia.

All competitors shall be members of their National DN Fleets. All DN and Ice-Optimist ice-yachts shall meet the requirements of Official Class Specifications.

Maximum ages - Ice-Optimist sailors born in 1997. DN Sailors born in 1992.

3. Entry and registration.
Online registration in official website www.icejunior.eu to arrive latest 5 February 2013. Entries are only accepted with a proof of insurance, which has to be presented at check-in and payment of the fee.

All entries arrived later will considered late entries with double fees. Entry fee of 30 EUR for both: DN and Ice-Optimist classes. Fee in Euro for Championship to be paid at check in. Entrance fee: 30.- Euros.

4.Schedule of event.
Final site ( and data ) selection : no later than February 16th 2013 12:00
Announced on IDNIYRA-Europe homepage www.icesailing.org Juniors Info and on championship web www.icejunior.eu
Previous to the WC/EC will be organized practice days : February 18-19th . First start Monday February 18th 12:00
WC/EC DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist 2013 :

Regatta check-in : Tuesday February 19th 2013 - 15:00-20:00
Opening ceremony : Wednesday February 20th 10:00 on the ice
Scheduled First Start : Wednesday February 20th 11:00.
Racing days: Wednesday February 20th – Friday February 22nd ; Saturday 23rd racing only if 3 races in each class are not completed.

Start of the European Cup will take place after the end WC & EC. WC & EC will be closed on Friday if 3 or more races are held.

7 races in each class are scheduled for Championship. 3 races in each class needed for a valid regatta. Ice-Optimists must have the Optimist Logo and the DISC on the sail. Sailing instructions will be available at check in. For other events see Sailing Instructions and Official Notice Board.

There will be possible to charter DN or Ice-Optimist ice-yacht for the time of regatta – see regatta web www.icejunior.eu

5. Races, scoring, advertising.
Races and scoring will be managed according to IDNIYRA
By-Laws , NIA Sailing Rules and the Sailing Instructions.
IDNIYRA BY-Laws B.12 will apply with the amendment that each
participant may be obligated to attach advertisement or other information from organizers to the hull.

6. Liability and insurance.
The Organizing Authority of the Event and all parties involved in Organizing it do not accept any liability for loss of life and property, personal injury or damage of property. Every competitor is responsible in every respect for the way he or she sails. Each competitor shall produce evidence of valid third party liability insurance of a minimum of 500.000,- EUR.

7. Anti-Doping policy.
IDNIYRA-Europe has implemented the Anti-Doping Program of
The World Anti-Doping Agency. Thus training and the regatta the misuses of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.

Junior Program Manager IDNIYRA-Europe
Stan Macur.
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